Kaoru Shibuta
Kaoru Shibuta

2022.10.29 sat -
11.19 sat

'The world is connected by sound.
Bach is still celebrated as the Old Testament of music for the beauty of his melodies and compositions. If Beethoven composed to transcend philosophy, I express them in my paintings. If Mozart wrote music to connect the earthly and heavenly worlds, I play my part in spreading them with my paintings."

The exhibition will include a number of new works produced based on the artist statement.

Kaoru Shibuta is a painter, but he is interested in sound, and his paintings are improvised based on the way sound appears as colour and form.

'The source of his creation is music.
He paints mainly by synaesthetically translating inspiration from classical compositions into colours and shapes. His paintings may be said to be more purely musical, although parallels can be drawn with the work of Paul Klee, for example. His paintings are full of spatial fluidity and dynamism, as if the notes themselves are bursting out into the real world, clad in colour. When he draws the lines that form the backbone of his paintings, we are surprised by the instantaneous and powerful brushstrokes, which we cannot imagine from his gentle personality. The work is a glimpse of a fusion of music and plastic arts, captured in a moment of time.
(Jiro Ito, Artist-in-Residence, Unohira Villa)



(伊藤二朗 雲ノ平山荘アーティストインレジデンス)

Kaoru Shibuta

He synthetically transforms music and natural sounds into paintings. Artist-in-residence productions have been made in the past at the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), Santa Monica Museum, and the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Russia). He won the 14th Arte Laguna Prize Special Award (Arsenal, Venice), the EX-TEMPORE PTUJ 2021 Jury Award (PTUJ, Slovenia), and the Grand Prize at the 13th Paper Art Festival.
His main exhibition in 2021 was held at the LONDON ART BIENNALE (Chelsea Old Town Hall, London), and the Global Arts Festival (Elisabeth Jones Art Center)

渋田 薫

音楽、自然音を共感覚的に絵画へ変換する。これまでにバルセロナ芸術センター、サンタモニカ美術館、ロシア国立現代アートセンターなどで滞在制作発表を行っている。14th Arte Laguna Prize特別賞(Arsenal, ヴェネツィア)。EX-TEMPORE PTUJ 2021 審査員賞(PTUJ, スロベニア)。第13回紙のアートフェスティバル・大賞。
2021年の主な展示に『LONDON ART BIENNALE』(Chelsea Old Town Hall ロンドン), 『Global Arts Festival』 (Elisabeth Jones Art Cener)