Sheng Chieh Wei
Sheng Chieh Wei Exhibition

2023.4.8 sat. - 4.29 sat.
12:00 - 18:00
closed on Thu. and Wed.

Everyday life is the verification of human existence, and this existence is more realistic.
With prevalence of social media, people habitually record their daily lives and upload them to social platforms. And even inviting someone who have never met before to browse their lives, so that the viewers bring about the transference to integrate into their everyday lives. Furthermore, there is no denying that social media has become one of the paths for contemporary artists to experience the popular culture.

Also, my inspiration is derived from photos of everyday life in social media that I am fascinated and empathetic.Bridging the gap between digital technology and art with paintings which are conveyed with colors, compositions and relationship of characters, so that my artworks make viewers are filled with affection simultaneously, and directly place us in such a close distance.

As the influential Pop artists, David Hockney’s iconic series of swimming pool, it also reflected the daily live and homoerotic desires he yearned for, and he concerned about the relationship between gender issues and society as well.

My paintings represent the modern living spectacle and the themes of vacation which I discovered on social medias.With transformed into the memory of the daily living by pictures and paints, in order to upload viewers’ memories.



Sheng Chieh Wei

1992 Born in Taiwan.
Photos uploaded to social networking sites are formally captured and reproduced as paintings.
Vivid colors The scenes of modern life expressed through color are somehow decadent and seductive.
Sold out immediately at the Taiwan Art Fair.
The exhibition was also exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo, and has attracted attention from collectors.
The works have attracted the attention of collectors in Japan and abroad.


1992 年台湾生まれ。
SNS にアップロードされた写真を正式にキャプチャし、絵画として再現する。