Eiji Miwa

2023.10.28 sat. - 11.12 sun. 12:00 - 18:00
closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Since vision does not capture the consistent structure of an object as if it were a still picture, but rather fluctuates continuously in the brain even when the eyes are closed, continuous gazing and preservation of memory are necessary to understand the structure and quantity of an object through vision. On the other hand, how is the object projected in our brain during the stage of natural reception before shifting to such conscious observation? In order to understand this inner landscape, I intuitively reconstruct on the screen every element of what I see, including shape, color, number, scale, density, and range of perception. Since it is impossible to organize the results in a single layer of application, I compare the results on the screen with my visual experience and ruminate over and over again. This process is expressed as a form on the screen, and I have a hunch that this visible process is part of the essence of visual image expression.

All works are sold by lottery. If you wish to purchase a work, please apply using the lottery form.


Eiji Miwa

His unique world of paintings, which look like layered video cels, attracts people of all ages, and he has won numerous awards since he was a student.In 2020, he won the Encouragement Award in the "Art Newcomer Award Debut 2020" sponsored by "Monthly Art". Furthermore, he has expanded his activities by creating paintings that appear in music videos of famous musicians.

三輪 瑛士

映像のセルを重ねたような独特の絵画世界は、幅広い世代の人の心を惹きつけ、学生のころから数多くの賞を受賞。2020年には、「月刊美術」主催の「美術新人賞 デビュー2020」にて奨励賞を受賞。さらに、著名なミュージシャンのミュージックビデオに登場する絵画作品を手がけるなど、活動の幅を広げる。