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Mnemosyne Clinic

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"Mnemosyne Clinic" "Tokyo Suggestion"

A friend of mine looked at “Tokyo Suggestion” and said: “I can’t get on the train. I felt relieved when I met this work and knew it was not necessary to focus my eyes to appreciate photography.” “Please watch out for cars”, I replied.
I remembered a period when I had been young and unable to take the train because of its sound, its smells, and its crowd.
I was glad to know that the friend felt my intents in “Tokyo Suggestion” to weaken the showiness of a construction site, which I minded in the process of production, such as balancing colors or introducing black and white.

I was cold to how people reacted to my works.
A work of photography is a personal interpretation of what exists in the world as a fact.
Wrongly, selfishly, and with the excuse that I had created my works with my thought, I thought that you were free to look at my works as you liked, and that you were not authorized to transcend the creator’s literacy with your interpretation as a viewer.

Now I think differently.
Now I think that my thought is probably contaminated.
As my photographs are photographs, which are facts, they cannot be mine. They belong to their viewers. What stands as a fact changes its place in each viewer’s mind through personal interpretations.
We suffer throughout our lives when we cannot place our facts correctly.

In photography, perspective representation is a biased style.
We have many styles, such as collage, are-bure (“grainy-blurry” in English), or boke (“out of focus” in English).

The balance of colors in space is provisional.
What we shared is a cultural fortune, however small it is.

Now I believe what the young friend told me, making it a support of my heart.
There is a reason why I felt that dialogue as a kind of reciprocal recognition, so I am glad to affirm and be fond of myself.
「Mnemosyne Clinic」「Tokyo Suggestion」





Yasuhide Kuge

"Some Ways on How We Can Cure Infected Dreams" "Mnemosyne Clinic" was published in 2021, the year of the Corona Disaster, and held a solo exhibition"Mnemosyne" (HeHe) and the latest version of the "MELFOTO>Mnemosyne" exhibition held at BOOK AND SONS the same year. Yasuhide Kuge has been working since the 1990s on his "CLINIC (Chiasme)" series of photographs that intersect elements of art criticism and collage with war and medical documentation, His work has been published in IDEA Magazine, SWITCH, DUNE, Hanatsubaki, Bijutsu Techo, etc., and has attracted attention overseas. In 2002, he was the official photographer for the ICC "Art and Medicine" exhibition. Please take this opportunity to view the new works of "Mnemosyne" which experienced the Corona Disaster, with elements of "CLINIC" in this exhibition.

久家 靖秀

"どのようにして感染した夢の治療ができるのかについてのいくつかの方法" 「Mnemosyne Clinic」は、コロナ禍の2021年に上梓して個展を開催した 「Mnemosyne」(HeHe)と、同年BOOK AND SONSにて開催された「MELFOTO>Mnemosyne」展の最新バージョンです。 久家靖秀は90年代より、戦争と医療ドキュメントに美術批評やコラージュの要素を交差させた写真作品「CLINIC(Chiasme)」シリーズを、 IDEA Magazine、SWITCH、DUNE、花椿、美術手帖、等に発表し、海外でも話題を呼びました。 2002年にはICC「芸術と医学展」の公式撮影を担当しました。 コロナ禍を経験した「Mnemosyne」の新作に「CLINIC」の要素が加わった今回の展覧会を、この機会にぜひご高覧ください。