Haruyuki Shirai
Rays of the view|New shadows

2023.8.10 thu. - 8.27 sun. 12:00 - 18:00
closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

In this exhibition, I will present “rays of the view,” a new work from the series of modified film cameras I have been working on since 2022, and “new shadows," a three-dimensional work derived from the series.

“rays of the “view develops a different perspective from that of a normal photograph.
The homemade modified film camera used for photography, like the so-called slit camera technique, is mainly used for judging the finish line in athletic events such as bicycle and horse races, where speed is a major factor.
Normally, the camera works best in an environment where the conditions are right. However, when a lens is randomly pointed into a city, noise is generated that distorts, stretches, and erases the subject, and only subjects that meet the conditions can be captured. The world that can be captured with this camera, which relies on chance, is extremely limited. However, the noise created by the dissimilarity of the conditions given to the camera seems to give us the means to imagine from the unconsciousness and coincidence that we scoop up from the vast amount of information in our daily lives.

The origins of the idea go back more than a decade, when I encountered the distorted noise created by pulling out a document in the middle of scanning it with a copier, which happened to lead me to imagining landscapes and becoming fascinated with capturing the unique aspect of time it created. This sparked my interest in the temporal axis created when a linear sensor scans from one end of the document glass to the other, which inspired my works "Panorama" and "rays of the view", where I applied this concept to film cameras.

In the film camera, I blocked the aperture, leaving only a narrow gap for light to enter. The film would then be exposed by moving a motorized mechanism from one end to the other, capturing an extremely narrow scene. The small glimpses of the scene seen through the gap would merge into a striped pattern as the film moved, and subjects passing in front of the camera would be captured by chance and timing. These events would be abstracted into an exposure time of about 10 seconds. There is no photographic evidence in these images; instead, they reveal the traces of a singular time of existence.

In "new shadows," I attempt to reproduce three-dimensional objects based on images captured by a modified 4x5 inch film camera. By using AI to convert a single still image into three-dimensional data, I then expand it into a three-dimensional form using a 3D printer.

The enigmatic human figures extracted from the distorted landscape exude a sense of existence detached from the subject, brought about by their three-dimensional representation. However, it is only in the shadows they cast that I believe there is a glimpse of the actual passage of time. These new shadows, created from the distorted image of a singular time, serve as another proof of an existence created from something abstract, revealing a fragment of the world.





Haruyuki Shirai

Starting from the invention of the technique, his method produces a magical sense of humor.
The allegory of illusion, this photographic philosophy is my guiding principle.
Haruyuki Shirai is a Tokyo based photographer who aims to examine the possibilities of photography by creating unique techniques and situations.In the forest of the suburbs of Tokyo, he presents his imaginative pre-historical tribe characters which refers to actual tribes, analogical metaphors and figures from the history of photography. On another project,“Panorama ” he remodels a film camera which exposes images of the distorted moment. By de-constructing the meaning of memory and photography, He aims to re-create the image literally as a photographic illusion.